VDI Alternative: Moka5

Although VDI has been touted as the most economical, efficient way to manage desktop, server-side solutions pose serious drawbacks.

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LANDesk Software a long-term leader in desktop management has also emerged with strength in mobility management.

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Condusiv Technologies creates high-performance software that optimizes and maintains application performance and efficiency.

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BizCarta helps companies and organizations worldwide incorporate best-in-class technology, as well as develop their IT alignment strategy and business processes to drive operational excellence and increase customer satisfaction. By fusing process management with business acumen, we provide a disciplined approach to technology advising and service delivery resulting in a more reliable and productive environment. As the IT organization becomes a competitive advantage, it enables the business to compete and grow.

slide-2 Moka5 has developed a revolutionary new way for IT departments to provision, manage and secure your PC’s. All of this and more without compromising end user experience or productivity.

Let our BizCarta technical sales team show you how this innovative technology, Intelligent Desktop Virtualization or “IDV,” is different from traditional VDI, including:


BizCarta has been securing organizations endpoints and data since 2001. Contact on of our team members today to learn more about our current offerings and how they might benefit your organization!

There are more conversations today around MDM and how organizations are handling these devices. BizCarta has several solutions that are serving the needs of organizations throughout the US. Contact one of our team members today to learn more about what we can offer your organization.

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